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"Golden WhatsApp" refers to a modified version Of  the original  WhatsApp messaging application. It typically includes additional premium features , unique Customizations , and enhancements that not Offered in the official  WhatsApp application. Providing options to hide  online status , disable read receipts , hide last Seen , and Prevent others from knowing when You're  typing or recordin a voice message. Offering fonts , style , themes , and Other visual customizations to change  the appearance Of  the app.
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Golden WhatsApp” refers to a modified version Of  the original  WhatsApp messaging application. It typically includes additional premium features , unique Customizations , and enhancements that not Offered in the official  WhatsApp application. Providing options to hide  online status , disable read receipts , hide last Seen , and Prevent others from knowing when You’re  typing or recordin a voice message. Offering fonts , style , themes , and Other visual customizations to change  the appearance Of  the app.

Allowing larger file sizes for Sharing media , photo,  videos , or documents  compared to the Original version. Effecting options to lock the  app with a PIN code or password for additional security. Latest version “Golden WhatsApp” Offering a  extensive collection Of  improved features and customization options for Users seeking  additional control and Unique functionalities in their messaging experience.

This modified application introduces innovative Settings for notification customization , including timing , Color , and appearance  adjustments , allowing Users to personalize their notification Experience. It was among the Innovative   versions to introduce the dark mode feature , Particularly in low-light environments, Providing users with a  more eye-friendly display .

The ability to change image shapes , convert Photos  into stickers ,  and Share documents in different formats extends the Creative and functional capacities Of  communication within the app. Moreover , this mod version excels  in Privacy settings , allowing users to Selectively control who sees their  Profiles , last Seen, and read receipts information.

New version Golden WhatsApp offer  premium Features such as call management , Support for multiple  accounts , extended Status lengths ,  and quick OTP verifications further distinguish this version , Offering a  various range Of  capabilities not available in the standard WhatsApp. You can download  latest version Golden WhatsApp from


Golden Whatsapp Features


“Golden WhatsApp,” presents an collection Of  expanded features compared to the Standard WhatsApp. These features  may include:

  • Hide Online Status:

Gold King WhatsApp offer significant feature allows Users to maintain their online  presence Without revealing their activity status to Contacts. Users can remain online Without showing the ‘online’ status to others.

  • Read Receipts Control:

Users gain the ability to manage typing indicators and Read  receipts, allowing the cover-up Of  blue ticks (read  receipts) and indications When the user is typing a message.

  • Multiple Themes:

GB WhatsApp Gold download offer An array Of  themes , font  styles , and Color schemes are available , granting extensive Customization options to personalize the app’s Visual appearance according to individual  Preferences.

  • Customizable Interfaces:

Golden WhatsApp Web Users have the flexibility to Personalize the wallpapers , chat  interface ,  and Overall visual aesthetics , modifying the app’s  appearance to Suit their tastes.

  • Larger File Sharing:

This important feature facilitates the sharing Of  larger  videos , files , Photo and documents beyond the file Size limitations imposed by  the official WhatsApp application , allowing for more Comprehensive  file sharing.

  • Status Downloading:

Arabic WhatsApp Gold Allows users to  download Or save status updates posted by their Contacts , offering the ability to keep Or share these updates  Outside the app.

  • Extended Status Length:

In Gold WhatsApp 2023 Users can Post longer status  messages or videos Compared to the character or duration limits imposed by the Official  WhatsApp application.

  • Auto-Reply:

In WhatsApp Gold Plus Offers the convenience Of  setting  automatic reply to incoming messages , Saving users time and effort in  responding to Chats.

  • Message Scheduling:

This significant feature allows Users to schedule  messages to be sent at Specific times , allowing for enhanced Controlled  communication.

  • Multi-Account Support:

Black Gold WhatsApp Provides support for managing  multiple WhatsApp accounts within a Single app , catering to users With multiple phone  numbers Or accounts.

  • Backup And Restore:

Combines built-in functions to back Up and restore  media , chat histories , and data , Confirming users can safeguard  their data and Conversations.

  • Anti-Delete Messages:

WhatsApp Gold 10 offer message deletion by the  Sender for all parties involved , maintaining the reliability Of  conversations.

  • No Forward Tags:

Messages forwarded to Others won’t  display the “forwarded” tag , Preserving user privacy and confirming a Smooth  messaging experience.

  • Hide Chats:

Gold whatsapp apk download latest version Allows specific Chats to  be hidden and secured with a PIN or password , improving Privacy and providing a next level Of  security  for sensitive Conversations.

  • Contact Activity Tracking:

Gold whatsapp new version Offers detailed logs regarding Contacts’  activities , such as their Offline/online status and profile updates , giving Users  insights into their contacts’ interaction Within the app.

  • File Sharing Control:

Provides users with the Option to control automatic media downloads When using mobile data or Wi-Fi , contributing  to more efficient data Management.

  • No Forward Tags:

Confirms messages forwarded to  Others don’t show the “forwarded” tag , maintaining Privacy and a clean chat  interface.

  • Other Miscellaneous Features:

Incorporates several additional functionalities , Such  as hiding specific chats with PIN or password Protection , detailed  tracking Of  contact activities , and more , improving the User  experience and privacy.

  • Themes And Customization:

In mod Version Offers many Styles , fonts , themes ,and colors  to personalize the Chat interface according to users’ Preferences , allowing  for a highly Customizable user experience.

  • Enhanced Notification Customization:

Golden WhatsApp provides  advanced Settings for customizing notifications , allowing Users to personalize the  appearance , color , and timing Of  notifications within the app. This level Of  customization  offers a more personalized experience , allowing Users to set notification  preferences according to their Liking.

  • Dark Mode:

This significant feature Presents a more eye-friendly  display by Offering a dark mode , beneficial especially during low-light Conditions or for users  who Prefer darker interfaces. The introduction Of  dark mode was among  the advanced offerings Of  this version , later adopted by the Official  WhatsApp application.

  • Photo-To-Sticker Conversion:

Users can change their  Photos into stickers , providing a Creative way to express themselves  in Chats , adding an element Of fun and personalization to conversations.

  • Custom Image Shapes:

In difference to the Standard rectangular image  formats , Golden WhatsApp allows users to change the shape Of  images  into many Unique forms , adding creativity and individuality to Shared  images.

  • Advanced Privacy Settings:

Users have greater  Control over their privacy. The app  allows controlling read Receipts , for hiding Profiles from specific contacts , and managing last  Seen information , allowing users to tailor their Privacy  settings according to their Contacts and preferences.

  • Status Control:

After sharing a status , Users can disable it , preventing  its visibility to Contacts even after it has been Viewed. This feature enables  greater Control over shared statuses , allowing Users to manage  their visibility.

  • Document Sharing In Various Formats:

Golden WhatsApp extends document sharing  Capabilities by allowing users to share files in a extensive range Of  formats . Going  beyond the standard file types Supported by official WhatsApp.

  • Support For Multiple File Types:

Users have the flexibility to Share diverse file formats . Including APK files , broadening the extensive range Of  files that can be  shared through the Application.

  • Call Management:

This important feature allows Users to selectively disable calls  from globally or  Specific contacts. While calls can be disabled , users  Can still receive voice notes and messages, Providing a way to manage Call  notifications.

  • Support For Multiple Accounts:

Users can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts  Within a single application . Removing the require for Separate  devices or additional applications , improving accessibility and Convenience.

  • Quick OTP Verification:

The app swiftly generates OTPs for mobile  number verification , Offering a efficient and responsive Verification  process.

  • Expanded Emojis And Gifs:

A rich library Of  emojis and GIFs is provided  Within the app . Allowing users to express themselves more Creatively during  conversations.

  • Last Active Control:

Users can manually Set their ‘last seen’ status . Giving  them control Over what is visible to others in terms Of  their  online presence.

  • Extended Status Length:

Users can share longer Status  updates compared to the official WhatsApp limit , thus expanding the creative Possibilities for sharing  content, offering an extended duration for  Sharing statuses .

  • Golden-Themed Icon:

The application’s main  theme Color reflects in its icon , Providing an consistent and attractive Visual identity. These features aim to Offer  additional flexibility and functionalities to users Compared to the official WhatsApp.




In conclusion , The “Golden WhatsApp” or modified  versions Of  WhatsApp , often pushed for their extended features and unique Customization  options , do provide an collection Of  functionalities that is not available in the Standard WhatsApp  . These improved features cater to user Preferences for enhance theme , privacy , Customization , and automated functionalities , among Others. The ability  to change image shapes , convert Photos into stickers , and Share documents  in various formats extends the Creative and functional capacities Of  communication within the  app. Moreover , this Version excels in privacy settings , allowing Users to selectively control who read receipts , sees their Profiles , and last Seen information.




Q: What  Is “Golden Whatsapp”?

“Golden WhatsApp” is a term often  Used to refer to unofficial or modified versions Of  the original WhatsApp application. These versions  claim to Offer additional features and customizations beyond  what the Official WhatsApp provides.

Q: What Features  Does “Golden Whatsapp” Offer?

Golden WhatsApp is  offer extended Privacy  settings , customization Options , increased file Sharing limits , and additional  functionalities like Anti-delete for messages Or extended forwarding  limits.

Q:Is It Safe To  Use “Golden Whatsapp”?

Yes , Using Golden WhatsApp is safe , But It  is always recommended Download and install Golden WhatsApp from  trusted and reputed Source such as should be Safe.

Q: Where Can I  Download “Golden Whatsapp”?

Golden WhatsApp is developed by te third-Party , There  are many website Where you can download But It is always recommended  download and install Golden WhatsApp from trusted and reputed Source  such as

Q: Does Golden Whatsapp  Support Multiple File Formats?

Yes , Golden WhatsApp allows users to Share  various file formats , including APK files , going beyond the Standard file types supported  by the Official WhatsApp application.

Q: What Additional Features Does  Golden Whatsapp Offer Compared To The Original Whatsapp?

Golden WhatsApp provides additional features  Such as enhanced notification customization , dark mode , Photo-to-sticker conversion , document  sharing in Various formats , extended status lengths , advanced  Privacy settings , call management , and support for multiple accounts , among Others.


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